• What is Selenium 4.0? OR What is the latest Version of Selenium?

    13th May 2020 by

    Selenium 4 is the latest version of selenium; Simon Stewart founder of selenium has announced Selenium 4 at the Selenium Conference in Bangalore which consists of few major updates and its planned to release after October 2019 (even though official announcement yet to get). Let’s understand the few things about Selenium 4.

  • Impacts of Selenium 4.0 Version ?

    13th May 2020 by

    In addition to these new capabilities, arriving of Selenium 4 may require few changes in your existing selenium 2.X/3.X tests, Let’s look at those areas of your tests that require to be updated with Selenium 4. The getPosition & getSize methods were replaced by getRect method and the setPosition & setSize methods were replaced by… Read more

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