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How do you analyze the root cause of a defect?

Root cause analysis is used in software testing to identify defects. That means you can find the cause of software defects before your customers find bugs. 

You’ll usually find three basic types of causes Physical, Human, Organizational. The Root Cause Analysis Process has 5 steps

1.       Define the Problem

  • What do you see happening?
    • What are the specific symptoms?

2.       Collect Data

  •  What proof do you have that the problem exists?
    • How long has the problem existed?
    • What is the impact of the problem?

3.       Identify Possible Causal Factors

  • What sequence of events leads to the problem?
  • What conditions allow the problem to occur?
  • What other problems surround the occurrence of the central problem?

4.       Identify the Root Cause(s) – During this stage, identify as many causal factors as possible

  • Why does the causal factor exist?
    • What is the real reason the problem occurred?

5.       Recommend and Implement Solutions

  • What can you do to prevent the problem from happening again?
    • How will the solution be implemented?
    • Who will be responsible for it?
    • What are the risks of implementing the solution?

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