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How to read a JavaScript variable in Selenium WebDriver?

By using JavascriptExecutor

// To initialize the JS object.

JavascriptExecutor JS = (JavascriptExecutor) webdriver;

// To get the site title.

String title = (String)JS.executeScript(“return document.title”);

System.out.println(“Title of the webpage : ” + title);

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How to find more than one web element in the list?

// To store the list

List <WebElement> eleList = driver.findElements(By.xpath(“xpath”));

// To fetch the size of the list

int listSize = eleList.size();

//for loop

for (int i=0; i<listSize; i++)


 // Clicking on each link


 // Navigating back to the previous page that stores the links


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How to handle windows based pop up?

Selenium doesn’t support windows based applications. It is an automation testing tool which supports only web application testing. We could handle windows based popups in Selenium using some third party tools such as AutoIT, Robot class etc.